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Welcome to this unique ideas site.

What you will find here are not only articles on the theories and reasons for this type of youth ministry but also ideas that will help you apply a more church family based youth ministry. The strength of this site is from all the contributors who are learning as they go and are willing to share those ideas with everyone. While this website has the oversight of the people at Wild Frontier (link), it is truly a user-generated idea site. You are invited to submit an article on what you have learned at Submit an Article. You are invited to submit an idea that has been successful for you at Submit an Idea.

Thank you all.


Youth Meetings Ideas


Peer Pressure Mile with a Smile: Ten Ways not to Get Rattled 


Invite parents to come to this meeting.  Together you and the parents are going to provide out-plans for the teens when they find themselves in tenuous friend situations.  The core idea here is in pre-planning, troubles can be greatly eliminated. 


Pass out pencils and “Ten Ways Not to Get Rattled” – one for each student. Sit in family groups but have the discussion in the large group.  Have each teen take a turn reading one of the Ten Ways and discuss in the large group. Such tender subjects are best handled in a larger group setting so that the parents AND teens can all learn from each other.   Then after the discussion, the teen can fill in the blanks for him/herself and the parents are there to verbalize their support in these agreements.


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Parent Meeting Ideas


Parent Rite of Passage Ceremony


Entering into middle school or junior high is a rite of passage in a tween’s life.  It is also a rite of passage for that tween’s parents.  Suddenly they become parents to an adolescent—something many parents dread.  It is one thing to be a parent to a cute and cuddly baby.  One thing to parent an inquisitive child.  But to parent an adolescent?  Sitcoms are written about those horrors.

Yet thankfully you and your church family-based youth ministry will be an invaluable resource to equip the parents and help them grow through their insecurities.  Let them know that the youth ministry is this resource by providing your own rite of passage ceremony for them.  Do it up big.  Send the new parents of 6th/7th graders an invite in the mail.  Create a welcoming ritual.  Pass on your favorite parenting book.  And have parents of the older teens pray over the new parents.  Give these parents whom are new to the world of adolescence this gift that they will not be alone during these formative years.  -


Church Family Ideas


We Were All Teens Once


Somehow (you know the process of your church) have the adults in your church family answer the following questions.  For our church, we had them printed on an insert in the church bulletin and the adults filled them out and put them in the offering baskets.  The questions are:

  • Were you considered popular in middle school or high school? Why or why not?
  • Did kids ever make fun of you for any reason? What is your strongest memory about that?
  • Did you have big fights with your mom or dad when you were growing up? If so, what were they usually about?
  • When did you finally come to understand that you were a Christian?  Please share as much background information as you are able.
  • How often do you go over the speed limit (now)?

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How To Talk About God With Your Kids


An Infographic submitted Christianity Cove http://www.christianitycove.com/that contains 10 simple topics to help get conversations started.  Use the starters that feel natural to you, or think of others.

See the infographic here: http://www.christianitycove.com/how-to-talk-about-god-with-your-kids/3242/

Written by Mary Kate Warner

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